Data Tools

Remote Support Tool

To assist with our support services we often setup remote connections to your computer.

If you have been asked by one of our support reps to download the remote access tool this is the one you are looking for.

Download Teamviewer Remote Support Tool

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Remote Support Tool

Dispensing Report Conversion Tool

This tool is designed to take the report file produced from the Flexipharm, UBIK, Assyst Rx-A or WinRx dispensing systems and convert them to a format that can be imported in the iApotheca Platform.

We have designed the tool to work for both 64bit and 32bit versions of Windows.


* With Flexipharm, UBIK and Assyst Rx-A there is no setup however if you use WinRx please contact our support team for assistance with the configuration.

Flexipharm Data Conversion Tool

PharmaClik Rx Data Extraction Tool

In order to add dispensing data to the Narcotics Reconciliation Module you are required to download a CSV file from the 'iApotheca Narcotic Reconciliation Data Extraction Tool.'

If you are using PharmaClik Rx please contact our support team to have this tool enabled for you.

iApotheca Narcotic Reconciliation Data Extraction Tool