Task Management Tools

The Task Management Module

The iApotheca Task Management Module allows for efficient pharmacy task management. The module allows you to:

  • Schedule one-time and recurring tasks quickly and efficiently
  • Assign tasks to individuals or teams
  • Assign tasks to different areas/departments within the pharmacy
  • Sort tasks in a variety of ways, from due date to priority level, users, colour and more
  • Increase team communication by providing detailed notes on all tasks

  • Some examples of what it can be used for are:

    • Annual recurring MedsCheck reminders
    • Reminders to check refrigerator temperatures
    • Schedule compliance patients
    • Can be used for much more than listed above

The iApotheca Punch Clock

The iApotheca Punch Clock Module makes it fast and simple to track and record employee hours.

The module allows you to:

  • Enable employees to punch in and out for each shift
  • Track and maintain an accurate record of all employee hours for payroll
  • Easily export a detailed report for each pay period

Punch Clock Screenshot

Product Specifications

  • Integrates with the most popular dispensing softwares: Kroll, Pharmaclik Rx, Flexipharm & Fillware
  • Entirely cloud-based, no need to upgrade your computer systems or download additional software
  • Compliant with provincial college regulations in regard to data security and storage
  • Secured with SSL and database-level encryption to protect your patient data
  • Fully PIPEDA compliant