Schedule, route, track & record your pharmacy deliveries with ease

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Narcotics Handling

Quickly generate & track narcotics destruction records & seamlessly reconcile narcotics during an audit

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Smart Fridge

Secure 24/7 monitoring of your pharmacy's fridge temperature

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Streamline your pharmacy operations by easily tracking incidents, KPIs and staff communications

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iApotheca Healthcare

Passionate about Pharmacy

At iApotheca, we believe in Canadian Healthcare, and we recognize the role of all pharmacy team members in making our healthcare system one of the best in the world today.

Our team is passionate about pharmacy; we back the commitment of each and every Canadian pharmacy in their goal to provide the best in patient care.

The iApotheca Pharmacy Suite is designed to streamline your pharmacy operations, reduce error and increase revenues.

We focus on making pharmacy life more efficient, so you can focus on achieving healthcare excellence.


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