How Canadian Pharmacies are Getting Help with Narcotic Reconciliation

We've come a long way since Health Canada mandated narcotics reconciliation in pharmacies. In 2015, the National Anti-Drug Strategy expanded to include prescription drugs. As a result, the Community Pharmacy Inspection Program was born. For many pharmacies it brought narcotics handling processes to the forefront for a hasty…

The Use of Digital Health Technologies in Pharmacy Practice

In a recent survey released in August 2014, Canada Health Infoway partnered with the Canadian Pharmacists Association in order to explore the perceptions and beliefs of the Canadian pharmacy community in relation to the benefits of digital pharmacy practice.

The results of the online survey indicated that…

The iApotheca Narcotics Reconciliation Module (Video)

With recent Health Canada initiatives aimed at ensuring tighter control of narcotics in the pharmacy, many pharmacists have found themselves struggling to reconcile their narcotics inventory in order to make sure that pharmacy processes are compliant with government regulations.

There's a great deal at stake; with…

The iApotheca Policies and Procedures Module (Video)

The iApotheca Policies and Procedures Module makes it easy for your staff to create, upload and share policy information quickly and efficiently– from the simple and intuitive user interface to the ability to track staff acknowledgement, the module streamlines communications and ensures that your staff stays organized and informed!

The iApotheca Delivery Module (Video)

The iApotheca Delivery Module has been designed to allow your pharmacy to streamline the delivery process while ensuring that all relevant aspects of the delivery process are tracked and recorded; from adding order to your runs, setting up recurring runs, tracking delivery fees and obtaining digital patient signatures, the module…

Narcotics Reconciliation in the Pharmacy

Throughout the past several decades, prescription drug abuse has reached epic proportions in Canada, with statistics released in the 2012 Canadian Alcohol and Drug Use Marketing Survey indicating that an estimated 410 000 Canadians have reported abusing prescription drugs.

According to the International Narcotics Control Board,…

It’s Been a Busy Spring at iApotheca!

April and May were great months for growth at iApotheca Healthcare, with the opening of our new sales office and the addition of several new staff members, as well as lots of productive communication with pharmacies from all over Canada about ways to expand and improve our platform.